Awesome Automated Cannabis Growing Solutions

Awesome Automated Cannabis Growing Solutions

Have you checked out the incredible options for growing cannabis at home with an automated system? The grow box has graduated and the different types

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Have you checked out the incredible options for growing cannabis at home with an automated system? The grow box has graduated and the different types of automated solutions for growing cannabis are plentiful. This kind of set up is ideal for hobby growers, people who regularly kill plants, those who travel a lot, and anyone in a low-light home or apartment.

What Is An Automated Cannabis Growing System?

Automated solutions for growing cannabis take the guess work out of the situation. Some are hydroponic while some cultivate plants in soil. Both systems automatically deliver light, nutrients, and water on a set schedule, however.

Some automated cannabis growing set-ups work with an app. In this way, you can control all the variables through your smartphone. You can exert incredible levels of control this way even if you’re away from home.

6 Awesome Automated Cannabis Growing Solutions

You have to see these to believe them and each is a bit different. We’ve got a feature list and summary on the most exciting automated cannabis growing products on the market and also those soon to release.


The Grobo has an adorable name and looks like a futuristic water cooler. If only coffee breaks at the office were this much fun!

Grobo has full spectrum LED lights and controls the temperature through sensors. There is a carbon filter on board to trap scents that give you away and a beautiful electrochromic door made of glass with a steel lock. It’s secure, appealing, and under $1,500.00. The companion app provides information about your plant in real time.

It’s like a nanny cam for your weed.

The Bloom Box

The Bloom Box is a hydroponic automated cannabis growing system with a dual chamber. It’s praised by High Times so it has full bragging rights.

It’s not much to look at however, more like a cabinet. The Bloom Box is also much larger than the Grobo, which is either a pro or a con depending on your needs and space. The manufacturers claim The Bloom Box can cycle nine flowering plants in six to eight weeks which is impressive.

It’s temperature controlled through a computer system and even has odor control. The design makes it harder for mold and mildew to grow and you get everything you need to start growing with your order. Just add seeds or clones.


Cloudponics is a small enough outfit that the product is current sold out. It’s worth keeping an eye out for in the coming weeks, however. It’s an easy system where you first choose the plant you’re growing and then Cloudponics does the rest. You can also select the plant down to the strain for very specific care.

The companion app will remind you when you need to add more water to the tank and let you obsess about your buds to be. There is even a personal grow assistant in the app to help you tweak your methods over time. Nutrients, pH, and lights, are all controlled automatically.


Seedo has tons of hype and is billed as the first driverless car of hydroponic cannabis growing. The full spectrum lighting system is patent pending. After planting your seed or clone, the machine literally does all of the work. Seedo also has an airtight hermetic seal, CO2 cartridges and air conditioning.

It looks a lot like a mini-fridge and most spaces can probably accommodate it.

Like the other automated cannabis growing products, Seedo provides the right nutrients and conditions for your plants to thrive. It also has an app, because that’s just a thing now.

You can sign up for details about the product launch at the website.


The Leaf automated growing system will grow anything, as will most of the products featured here. It’s ideal for marijuana, however. Leaf is like a pot safe, with a discrete and subtly attractive design that houses a total growing system from lights to nutrients to air control.

It’s bursting with systems, including:

  • Water sensing system;
  • O2 enrichment system;
  • Air control system;
  • Water exchange system;
  • Dosing system; and
  • A carbon filter, BIOS LED light system, and an HD camera inside.


This automated cannabis growing machine is almost all glass and has a striking appearance. If you’re growing out in the open, 7Sensors or the Grobo should be in the running for your top pick. By now, you know the drill. The system is totally controlled, has an app, and protects your plants from pets, rot, mold, and more while providing a perfect growing environment.

This system isn’t hydroponic, however. It has an integrated irrigation system and internal climate control. The lights are tailored to the best grow conditions and lie mostly in the red and blue spectrum. The water tank is a huge 6 gallons and requires filling a couple of times a year on average.

7Sensors also uses less energy than a regular light bulb which is totally amazing.

Build Your Own Automated Cannabis Grow Box

If you’re handy, you can build your own automated grow box. Unless you’re a tech wizard, it’s unlikely yours will surpass the products in this post. If you do manage to create the ultimate automated cannabis growing system, drop us a line. We’d love to review it.

If you want some plans to follow, check out this guide on how to build a grow box.

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