Are Cannabis Fans Still Smoking Bowls?

Are Cannabis Fans Still Smoking Bowls?

Are Cannabis Fans Still Smoking Bowls? If you're an old school cannabis fan you may be asking yourself if anybody smokes bowls anymore. Vaping is t

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Are Cannabis Fans Still Smoking Bowls?

If you’re an old school cannabis fan you may be asking yourself if anybody smokes bowls anymore. Vaping is the new craze, and for good reason. But what about the old school-ers who just want to thumb one down for old times sake?

What are the advantages of smoking bowls? Why should new users consider this delivery method? What are the drawbacks?

Let’s kick back and have a good old smoke circle while we contemplate this.

The Beauty Of Smoking Bowls

There is something visceral and basic about packing a nice bowl and lighting it up. There is some meditative practice in preparing the cannabis so it burns evenly and packing it correctly. If you aren’t in a rush, there’s a certain headspace you enter during the preparation that’s part of the attraction.

Another nice thing about bowls is that you don’t have to smoke them all at once. It’s easier to nurse a bowl all day or slowly all evening than a joint or blunt.

Finally, bowls are easy to take with you and easy to mix. Pop a little hash or a dab on top and enhance your whole experience.

The History Of Smoking Bowls

Joints certainly have a lot of history, but so do smoking circles with bowls. We can all think back to a time at a festival when we joined up with some strangers and passed one around. Think about the countless times you’ve spent holding your glass and the things you’ve experienced at the same time.

They’re nostalgic and it’s easy to get attached to your favorite piece.

The Accessory Aspect Of Smoking Bowls

Speaking of favorite pieces, bowls are an opportunity to express yourself and start a cannabis-centric collection. We all have some pieces we favor because of memories attached to them. Some are just more comfortable to use than others.

They often change color over time which is another appeal. What will a new one look like after use? What about cleaning it and restoring its perfect, pristine luster.

Smoking Bowls Is Ritual

All in all, these things form a ritual that is unique in cannabis use. Arguably, every type of usage method has its own quirks and maintenance. However, many of us have been smoking bowls for so many years that it’s familiar and comforting.

Smoking Bowls Is Easy

Finally, you can put almost any kind of cannabis into a bowl. While some weed is tricky to roll up, it’ll pack just fine. Regardless of quality, you can get something out of any cannabis on hand.

Then, during a dry spell, you can scrape that baby out and get a little something to tide you over. Not ideal, but better than nothing for sure.

Is Smoking Bowls Still A Thing?

We think smoking bowls will always be a thing, even if dabbing delivers monster highs and vaping is a cleaner, more portable option. Our love for the simple act of thumbing one down will persevere.