Airbnb For Stoners: Bud And Breakfast

Airbnb For Stoners: Bud And Breakfast

Looking for affordable, 420 friendly lodging for your next vacation or business trip? Bud And Breakfast to the rescue! This online network connects th

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Looking for affordable, 420 friendly lodging for your next vacation or business trip? Bud And Breakfast to the rescue! This online network connects those who blaze on the the go with accommodations that are down. Like Airbnb for stoners, it’s easy to use and only as strong as the community behind it. So check it out and support it up!

What Is Bud And Breakfast?

It truly is Airbnb for stoners. You hop over to the Bud And Breakfast website and search for 420 friendly listings. The selection includes some hotels, resorts, cabins in rural locations, and rooms for rent or sublet.

There are many destinations to choose from as well. Stay in the US or abroad with Bud and Breakfast as your guide to the world of traveling while lifted.

Gone are the days of frantically puffing down among incense clouds. Forget the spoof or that uncomfortable moment where hotel security visits your room to complain.

With Bud and Breakfast you already know your choice of hotel or inn is willing to like your fire or not come around.

Join Bud And Breakfast

Both renters and owners can join Bud and Breakfast to participate in this cutting edge Airbnb for stoners. The sign up process is similar in that each must make an account for full access to the site. From there, you’ll each have different paths to success.

Rent With Bud And Breakfast

When you’re ready to make a selection, simply log into the site or create a profile. You can log in with Facebook to make signup even more effortless.

It’s simple to find lodging in your price range by using the sliders in the search page to refine your results.
Choose the right room for you from countries where cannabis is legal- literally no worries. Next, make sure the dates you are traveling are available and book!

There are no contracts imposed by the websites, but guests and hosts can arrange their own written agreement after the listing is confirmed through the Bud and Breakfast.

List Your Location With Bud And Breakfast

Find the ‘add your space’ button on the website and click it to get started.

Next, fill out all of the required listing information. The website will walk you through everything that’s needed to enter the fun and lucrative world of renting your 420 friendly space.

Then, enter your meta description. This is where you briefly sell your listing so include any attractive, attention grabbing tags and statements.

At this point, you can use the map to show prospective renters where your place is located.

Finally, upload some photos to show off how comfortable, clean and cozy your room or home is and let the inquiries pour in! You can set your account to automatically accept renters or review each request as you receive it.

Help Airbnb For Stoners Stay Strong

The best thing you can do to help Bud and Breakfast stay strong is to support it. Use the website the next time you travel and share this article with your 420 friendly friends. Getting the word out about cannabis startups is vital to nurturing the community.

After all, we want to see more businesses catering to cannabis enthusiasts. First Airbnb for stoners and tomorrow: who knows!

Avoid Hotel Horror Stories

Before Airbnb for stoners it was dark times for smokey travelers.  Have you ever had a hotel horror story that involved hefty fines for smoking in your room? Hopefully you’ve never felt the cold arm of the law swoop in to ruin a vacation.

Share your story and this one on social media and let’s reminisce about the times we crawled uphill both ways just to toke on vacation.

See you back here soon for more news and reviews from 420 Pony.