5 Tips And Tricks For Using Marijuana Discretely

5 Tips And Tricks For Using Marijuana Discretely

Using marijuana discretely isn't only about evading arrest. Even in places where pot is now legal, there is still a stigma for some people. Therefore,

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Using marijuana discretely isn’t only about evading arrest. Even in places where pot is now legal, there is still a stigma for some people. Therefore, both casual recreational users and medical cannabis patients could use some info on how to smoke on the sneak.

Another way to look at this concept is how to smoke marijuana respectfully. After all, not everyone received the memo that Reefer Madness was propaganda. Many people believe that all cannabis smokers are ‘potheads’ who are similar to hard drug addicts or homicidal maniacs.

We both want to avoid and not upset these people. If you have it in you to be a marijuana activist and smoke loud and proud, however, keep on fighting those stigmas! You’re a warrior on the front lines.

For the rest of us, here’s how to keep your grandmother from smelling weed all over you next Thanksgiving.

using marijuana discretely

Oh, I think we’ve all been there.

Wax Liquidizer

You probably already know that we love the Wax Liquidizer product at 420 Pony. We gave Wax Liquidizer our 2016 Product of The Year award. It’s not only a great way to load cannabis concentrate into an ejuice vape, it’s a great vehicle for using marijuana discretely.

There are a few reasons WL is so smooth.

The flavored versions of Wax Liquidizer mask any minute cannabis odors released through exhale vapor.

Vaporizing cannabis is almost always more discrete than burning flower. The smell is just less intense; because of science. Every vape pen is different, however so some produce more odor then others.

Using Wax Liquidizer is almost foolproof as well. Mix some concentrate in with the WL solution and pop it in the microwave to warm. Once it incorporates, it will stay combined unlike some other similar products that separate easily and often.

You get everything you need to leverage this nifty system in the welcome kit. Hello smoking subterfuge!

Terp Juice

Terp juice is pretty much the nectar of the gods in Cannabis Land. It’s packed with flavor and delivers quite a punch of TCH related effects. Depending on the base strain, it will make you euphoric, super chill, or energetic.

Terp Juice can also be used in vaporizers that use ejuice. The two biggest drawbacks to Terp Juice are the price and availability. If you can find it, you’re likely to pay a pretty penny.


The term spliff can mean different things depending on where you’re smoking. For example, a spliff in America usually refers to a rolled cigarette with both tobacco and cannabis. In Europe, however, a spliff is sometimes just marijuana and a joint is a tobacco/cannabis combo deal. This becomes further confused as people in both places try to recognize the meaning of the word in the other’s cultures.

For discretion, tobacco and cannabis spliffs can help, but they aren’t iron clad. Your humble author has puffed at many a music show without drawing any undue attention. Your best trying this trick outside, preferably when you can step away from the crowd a bit.

It’s still possible to smell cannabis from a spliff, but you do have some heavy tobacco odor to balance things out. Try to pick a robust rolling tobacco for both taste and smell protection.

Obviously, however, you shouldn’t mix tobacco into your cannabis if you aren’t already a tobacco smoker. It is far less safe to smoke tobacco than cannabis and the addiction factor is legendary.

Wash Your Hands

If you’re smoking a joint or packed the bowl yourself, you are now covered in resin, THC residue, and probably terpenes. Newsflash, smokers: people can smell them.

I know you feel like you should focus on avoiding cannabis smoke smell on you but touching the buds are another main culprit of lingering pot stank. You can alleviate this by washing your hands well after you toke up.

Hand sanitizer will also help mask the smell if you aren’t near a sink.

While you smoke, resist the urge to wipe the lighter on your clothing and do your best to avoid tamping your bowl down with your lighter. These actions all distribute the smell further.

Brush Your Teeth

Another tip for using marijuana discretely is to brush your teeth! The inside of your mouth smells like cannabis after you smoke and you want to try to cover that up. Mint from toothpaste is an effective mask.

By the same token, chewing gum, mouthwash, mouth spray, and even coffee can help dilute or cover the smell of cannabis on your breath.

Eating something afterwards can help too.

Bonus Tips For Using Marijuana Discretely:

using marijuana discretely 3

In addition to those tips, there are some old school tactics to using marijuana discretely that bear repeating.

Take A Walk

Sometimes hiking means a nice walk in the woods and communing with nature. Sometimes, however, hiking or taking a walk is code for a good toke. If you can get away from those around you, it’s fairly easy to smoke a joint outside.

There is some risk to this, of course, so use sparingly and assess your surroundings before you decide to take a high trek.

Go For A Ride

High rides are notorious but they’re a great way to get busted if you aren’t careful. It’s slightly safer to take a ride and park somewhere remote to have your puff. Smoking in a vehicle always increases the chance for a DUI charge and many places where cannabis is legal will still bust you for driving under the influence.

If you have a designated driver and a secure location, be sure to de-stank yourself before you show back up at mom’s house.

Eye Drops Prior To Smoking

If you want to use some eye drops to counteract the famous marijuana red eye, try putting them in before you smoke. This way, your eyes are nice and lubricated and usually end up far less red than if you didn’t drop.