420 Pony Breaks Down Salvia Divinorum

420 Pony Breaks Down Salvia Divinorum

  We’re no Erowid, but we’re swinging through your digital display to drop a little knowledge about a cannabis-esque psychedelic substance cal

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We’re no Erowid, but we’re swinging through your digital display to drop a little knowledge about a cannabis-esque psychedelic substance called Salvia Divinorum. It’s fairly common for cannabis users to run across Salvia Divinorum in their travels. When you do, here’s what you should know.

What Is Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum is a plant native to Mexico that causes psychoactive effects. Recreational Salvia is sold as plant material, in extract form, and in combination where extract is added to Salvia leaves. Users pop the plant into a bowl or bong or dribble some extract onto cannabis and go for a ride.

Some call Salvia Divinorum an incredible visionary herb and it holds significance in South American cultures as a plant that brings knowledge and insight. It is historically used by Mazatec shamans in their spirit work.

It isn’t cannabis in any way, but it is a plant that you smoke to obtain psychoactive effects and there is some crossover between Salvia fans and the cannabis crew.

Before you thumb some down, it’s smart to to some research.

How Does Salvia Work?

A unique substance called salvinorin A produces the effects. This substance isn’t an alkaloid and the experience is different from many other psychoactive plants. It is very potent in pure form but the leaves are gentler and easier to use.

Salvinorin binds to κ-opioid receptors as opposed to μ-opioid receptor like most hallucinogens.

Is Salvia Safe?

Salvia is safe for many users, however as with any substance this is a personal decision you have to make for yourself. Going into the experience with information about the potential effects and the experience others have had will help you decide if you’re ready to take the plunge.

The Sage Wisdom Salvia User’s Guide cites zero deaths from Salvia use and research is underway to study the effects in more detail.

Is Salvia Legal?

Salvia occupies a strange space in legislature. Therefore, checking the legality in your specific location is crucial. It isn’t easy to find an updated, comprehensive list of all of the areas where Salvia is legal. You will find the information you need if you research terms related to salvia in your geographic area, however.

Salvia Divinorum Studies

A notable research foray into Salvia comes from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California, US. Participants reported feeling effects that altered their relationship and connection to their bodies. They also exhibited intense memory loss. Another consensus is that Salvia is very rapid onset. That means you’ll start feeling the effects powerfully and immediately when you smoke it.

Participants’ also found their perception altered and experienced some visual hallucinations and outbursts of laughter.

Buy The Best Salvia Online

Ready to take the Salvia Divinorum plunge? If you can legally obtain Salvia in your area and want to shop online, you’ll be surprised to find many options. There are a lot of sketchy websites out there selling Salvia without a lot of information to back up their claims. It’s intimidating for some people.

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While 420 Pony cannot guarantee anything about your personal choices and decisions, we certainly can vouch for the validity of this site and their professionalism.

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We’ll see you back here soon, psychonauts.

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