420 Pony Breaks Down Concentrates- Terp Juice

420 Pony Breaks Down Concentrates- Terp Juice

Terp juice may not be as easy to come by as some other cannabis concentrates, but it certainly has some fans. Terp juice is one of if not the most pow

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Terp juice may not be as easy to come by as some other cannabis concentrates, but it certainly has some fans. Terp juice is one of if not the most powerful cannabis concentrate, in fact. THC chasers everyone will be drooling by the end of this post.

Get your napkins now and we’ll dive in.

What Is A Cannabis Concentrate?


Cannabis concentrates are potent, refined forms of the parts of the marijuana plant that produce psychological or physical effects.

Concentrates like kief and hash are made using pressure, heat, or in the case of bubble hash, water and a good thrashing.

The solvent used to make concentrates in the BHO family is butane. This is the most common type of concentrate to come across, however PHO methods also produce similar results.

The resulting concentrates go by descriptive names like shatter, budder, or honey oil. The consistency of each varies from almost candy like to waxy to a viscous liquid. These are generally the concentrates people are talking about when they refer to dabs or dabbing.

What Is Terp Juice?

The ‘terp’ in terp juice stands for terpene. Terpenes are compounds in cannabis resin unique to each particular strain. Terpenes affect the smell and taste of the strain as well as the THC potency.

The way some terpenes interact with the brain helps the uptake of THC and therefore enhances the high. Science is still studying the synergistic effects of terpenes and THC but it’s intriguing.

The benefits may include medicinal effects that help us understand how cannabis heals.

Terp juice, by extension, is a concentrate with lots of terpenes. It is prized as flavorful cannabis experience that involves more of your senses.

Check out how cool this terpene flavor wheel is to get an idea of the complexity of flavors that terpenes deliver.

How Is Terp Juice Made?

Terp juice itself is in the BHO family but with slightly different materials. Fresh cut or flash frozen flower is used to make terp juice in order to draw out those terps before they start degrading. This is a little similar to trying to drink fresh IPAs for the full hop flavor.


Both freezing and using fresh cuttings preserve the integrity of the valuable terpenes and create a flavor packed smoking or vaping experience.

What’s The Best Way To Use Terp Juice?

Consume terp juice the same way you would any BHO concentrate. You can dab some with a dab rig or use it in a compatible vaporizer.

Some people prefer to add a little to their bowl or joint to enhance the effect. You could call that cannabis two ways.

There are also some products on the market that make it super easy to turn terp juice into cannabis eliquid.

Juicing Has A Whole New Meaning

Terp juice: it’s not just for pot hipsters. Anyone who truly enjoys the taste of the many strains of marijuana will appreciate how clearly they express themselves in this concentrate. It also remains to be seen just how strong their effect on the body is.

It certainly looks like those effects are positive.

What do you think about terp juice and what’s your favorite way to use it? Let us know on social media so we can trade some tips and tricks.

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