420 Pony Breaks Down Concentrates – Shatter

420 Pony Breaks Down Concentrates – Shatter

Photo by: by Symic DCh Today, we continue onward with our journey deep into the land of cannabis concentrates. You’re going where few novices h

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Photo by: by Symic DCh

Today, we continue onward with our journey deep into the land of cannabis concentrates. You’re going where few novices have gone before. Today is all about shatter.

Shatter is a type of concentrate that is a little different from, but ultimately similar to wax and oil. We’ll start with a brief refresher on cannabis concentrates for our new readers.

Cannabis Concentrate

Cannabis concentrate is a refined product that results from extracting the psychoactive and body altering substances from marijuana. Concentrates are like a cannabis reduction, for any chefs out there. It’s much more potent- around 80% more, than ingesting regular bud.

Some type solvent is used to coax the tasty cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material- usually butane. It’s an extraction superstar.

There are a wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes and each delivers a different effect. THC is a cannabinoid that bonds to a certain receptor in your brain to make you feel conventionally ‘stoned’.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is better at improving mood and pain reduction.  CBD is used to reduce intraocular pressure for glaucoma patients.

Shatter is a concentrate the same way wax and oil is.

How Shatter Is Made

Shatter starts out like an extracted oil, or BHO (butane hash oil), which is made by adding butane as a solvent to marijuana plant flowers. Extraction can also be achieved using CO2 or nitrogen.

Shatter isn’t whipped like wax, and it hardens to a glass like consistency. It’s a golden honey color and can actually be pretty beautiful.

You can use shatter with regular and e-nails in dab rigs and some vaporizers and vape pens.

How To Use Shatter

You can load up some shatter on a dab rig- the concentrates version of a water pipe. Instead of a conventional pipe bowl or slide, there is a nail or e-nail which is heated and the concentrate is carefully applied to it.

E-nails are fully automatic, but plug into the wall. A standard dab rig nail is made of ceramic, quartz, titanium, or glass. You heat these up with a torch before dropping your dab on.

You can also use a vaporizer or e-pen that uses convection air heat to warm up the concentrate. This makes the substances you want available to you for inhalation. Bottoms up.

Now You’re A Shatter Expert

Not so complicated now, is it? Shatter is like wax’s kissing cousin.

Some claim it’s slightly less potent than wax or BHO, but concentrates haven’t been around long enough for us to really know for sure.

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