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420 Pony Breaks Down Concentrates: Bubble Hash

Today we're lighting up bubble hash. You might hear it called ice wax or water hash, too. This cannabis concentrate is old school, but it is risin

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bubble hash

Today we’re lighting up bubble hash. You might hear it called ice wax or water hash, too. This cannabis concentrate is old school, but it is rising in popularity among smokers thanks in part to relaxing laws around the US. Partaking of the ganja is no longer just about smoking bud and smokers are getting curious.

This concentrate is a fantastic choice for all the granolas out there. If you’re looking for a super clean, solvent free concentrate, you’ve found it.

If you’re already a fan of bubble hash, you know how this potent form of marijuana makes you feel. But, how is it made and why is it so supreme?

Let’s break it down!

Cannabis Concentrates: The Break Down

Cannabis concentrates begin as young, innocent cannabis plants. Then, they transform through some chemical alchemy into a new substance. It doesn’t look like marijuana, but it’s an intense oil, wax, or resin like material with a high concentration of your favorite part of cannabis.

Those special bits of the plant we all know and love are terpenes and cannabinoids. They’re the cool kids at the cannabis party because they’re the guys who alter your perception of reality, change the way your brain processes information, make pot palatable, and contribute to the somatic effects of cannabis. You know, that body high.

Cannabis concentrates retain the properties of their mother strain. Your concentrate may be indica or sativa and will deliver an intensified but familiar high. You’ll see blended concentrates too. Suddenly cannabis is a cocktail of sorts and my compliments to the mixologist.

In particular, bubble hash is made without a solvent. Instead, cannabis trichomes are separated from the rest of the plant with ice water. The end result could look exactly like the photo above or bear little resemblance to it at all. It bubbles when smoked hence the name.

The trichomes are the small, colorful hair like structures you see on your buds. They’re home to those terpenes and cannabinoids that make you feel so good. Because they don’t dissolve in water, you can safely flush and bash the heck out of leaf or bud to break them loose.

Bubble Man

You can’t talk about bubble hash without paying homage to the originator of the name. That’s Bubble Man. Legend has it this Canadian cannabis lover came up with a way to use bags to strain trichomes off the plant material. The result is a beautiful terpene and cannabinoid slurry.

It’s a little bit like other forms of hash are made. With bubble hash, however, you’re using Bubble Man type bubble bags instead of a series of screens. The bags have built in screens so in reality it’s a very similar but wetter method.

Bubble Hash- How It’s Made

Want to make bubble hash? Want to know what the heck you’re smoking? 420 Pony to the rescue yet again.

If you have a lot of cannabis, some bubble bags, and water you can actually make bubble hash at home. Many growers use their trimmings because it’s super efficient.

The original plant material is dumped into a bubble bag with ice or frozen and mixed with ice water in a bucket. Next, agitate the wet plant material by stirring it up. Cue the Bob Marley.

Then, the whole mix settles down and the trichomes stain out into another bag. Each bag in the series has a progressively larger screen. This catches all the trichomes because they aren’t all the same size. The sludge dries so you can smoke or vape it.

The wet plant material is discarded since it’s all washed up with no place to go.

Big thanks to Follow The Dart for making and letting us use this super awesome video on how to make bubble hash. We’re going to interview them soon about their company, Coastal Cannabis Couriers.

Bubble Hash- The Gear

You can smoke or vape bubble hash on its own with a vaporizer or dab rig. You can also add some to your bud for a supercharged joint. Crumble it on your next bowl if that’s how you like to smoke.

You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy bubble hash. In fact, most smokers prefer old fashioned methods to dropping bubble hash on a nail.

Bubble Up, Beautiful

I hope you’ve got some bubble hash on hand to enjoy after all that talk about it!

See you again soon for more cannabis breakdowns by 420 Pony.