420 Pony Breaks Down Concentrates – BHO

BHO is one of the most common cannabis concentrates. The name Butane Honey Oil refers to the extraction process that not so shockingly involves bu

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BHO is one of the most common cannabis concentrates. The name Butane Honey Oil refers to the extraction process that not so shockingly involves butane. It’s pretty similar to PHO and can be the first step to other concentrates like wax or shatter.

Basically, the important thing to remember is that BHO and other cannabis concentrates are more potent than flower or bud. It’s a surefire good time, but with a high more similar to hash than smoking a good old fashioned bowl or joint.

Speaking of smoking, you can ingest BHO a few different ways from vaping to crumbling on top of plant material to setting yourself up with an awesome dab rig.

Now, let’s break down BHO so you can wow your noob friends with your potent pot prowess.

Reviewing Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates like shatter, BHO, PHO, and wax are all potent new forms of cannabis that resemble hash in effect. Hash is actually a concentrate too.

Concentrates are like cannabis 2.0, and it takes some processing to get to the final result. Minor changes in the process create different forms of concentrate.

With BHO, butane is used to extract the parts of the cannabis plant that cause physical and mental effects. If you use any essential oils, you’re already familiar with the process of extracting certain compounds and properties from plant material and BHO.

Butane lends itself well to the extraction process. This makes it one of the extraction superstars in the cannabis concentrate game. Cannabis flower materials are packed into tubes and butane is flushed through the buds. The result is a thick oil full of terpenes and cannabinoids.

What’s A Terpene?

First, science:

Terpenes are substances that fall into a wide group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons. They lurk inside plants like citrus, conifer, and cannabis. Terpenes are based on a cyclic molecule with the formula C10H16. In cannabis, terpenes live in the trichomes or little hair like structures you see in heady bud.

Some evidence suggests that terpenes help plants protect themselves from insects and natural predators. This is obviously backfiring for sweet cannabis cause terpenes are part of what we’re after when we ingest it.

Who Cares?

If you’re a friend of MaryJane, you care! This will interest anyone with a refined taste palate, too.

Terpenes give each strain its particular aroma and flavor. They dissolve in fat, hook up with receptors and neurotransmitters, and behave like natural Prozac in the brain. They’re nature’s little serotonin uptake inhibitors.

Additionally, terpenes increase norepinephrine and dopamine activity and amplify GABA which help transmit messages in the brain.

These days, terpenes are being looked at as one of the keys to truly using cannabis as a medicinal substance.

What’s A Cannabinoid?

Phew. On to good old cannabinoids, the stuff we’re all familiar with that hook to your brain receptors and make you feel high. THC is the rock star of the cannabinoid crowd but there are 66 cannabinoids found in cannabis in total.

After their no strings attached hookup to your CB1 and CB2 brain receptors, cannabinoids produce cognitive effects. Cannabinoids are the life of the party. They make you feel good and impact your coordination and pain perception among other effects.

Using BHO

After extraction, BHO resembles a golden or deep brown sludge or wax. It’s full of tasty cannabinoids and terpenes and ready for smoking or vaping.

While you can crumble or manhandle some BHO onto a bowl or joint, your best bet is to take it straight up. Vaporizers can handle the job for you provided they’re ready for concentrates. The manufacturer materials will clarify this. In a vape, electricity heats up the air around the concentrate and sends all of the tasty bits into the air for your inhalation.

Dab rigs are also an option. In fact, dab rigs are to concentrates as bongs are to buds. The rig has a nail instead of a bowl and a slide, however.

Nails are made of heat resistant things like ceramic or quartz. You either heat nails with a torch or plug them into a wall outlet and let electricity do its thing. When the nail is hot, you use a tool to transfer a ‘dab’ of concentrate onto the hot surface. The BHO will melt and release vapor or smoke which you then inhale.

Electric nails are called e-nails. Mind blowing, I know. Although e-nails have cords to deal with, they’re simple to use because the heat is controlled.


And there you have it, cannabis explorers! Take this information and blast off into heights unknown with BHO. Drop any tips and tricks you have to share in the comments below because it’s always nice to share with the class.