10 Marijuana Memes That Are Fire!

10 Marijuana Memes That Are Fire!

Marijuana memes are life. They always come through with a pick me up just when you need it. They're especially good at making you burst out into inapp

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Marijuana memes are life. They always come through with a pick me up just when you need it. They’re especially good at making you burst out into inappropriate laughter while you surf your phone, too.

Anytime you’re having a lackluster day, I want you to pull out these 10 marijuana memes and laugh yourself silly. Even better, bust out your cannabis and pick your favorite way to smoke and toke along.

1. Breakup Buster

I’d say this is better than the old tropey ice cream and a day in bed anytime. Sisters are doing it for themselves in these marijuana memes.

2. Not The Grinder!


It’s times like these you consider revoking his homie cred. Moral of this story is to never let your clumsy friends roll it up.

3. Shockingly Smooth


Unlike the meme right before this, sometimes our friends surprise us. Send this one to a friend who wows you with those smooth hit skills.

4. All Aboard The Pineapple Express


Speaking of those smooth hits, he keeps a handle on that monster. This is like an apple bong 2.0. Some serious skills involved and we’re impressed.

5. Old Skool Dabs

Who remembers hot knifing it? Our friends at Wax Liquidizer are straight killing it with the memes lately. That straw, though.

6. Stand Still, Look Pretty


While this one doesn’t crack us up, it does make us a drool a little. A bouquet of flowers this pretty deserves its time in the spotlight. Kudos to mother nature for such a lovely assortment of colors to behold.

7. Privacy Please!


Sure, ‘someone’ or a security guard cause, that totally happened to me one time. It wasn’t as funny as this looks.

8. All We Are Saying Is Give Weed A Chance


Goals: find someone who looks at you like these two fine ladies look at weed. That’s real staying power.

9. This Is Your Lung On Cannabis

Looks kind of beautiful to me.

10. That’s Why I Don’t F With That

Been there, done that, stopped eating cannabis. It always seems like a great idea until it’s suddenly Fear and Loathing time.