What’s Your Favorite Way To Smoke Pot: The Poll

What’s Your Favorite Way To Smoke Pot: The Poll

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From joints to dabs, there are several ways to enjoy cannabis. There are even products on the market finally that let you turn cannabis concentrates into e-juice. Are these trends worth it? Are they really catching on? What’s your favorite way to smoke pot and do you see that changing?

One way to get a sense of what we should cover in upcoming posts is to find out everyone’s favorite way to smoke. Hopefully, you got to weigh in on the poll so you are represented in the results. Our sample set was pretty small, however, so we may give you all another opportunity to tell us how you like to puff best.

For now, let’s see how you feel about taking your medicine and we’ll contrast it over time through more polls. That way, we can track your preferences to see if education and availability alters how you guys feel about how you feed your head.

The Poll

On April 11, 2017 the 420 Pony Twitter account asked our audience how they like to smoke. Here is a recap if you missed it.

As you can see, even with our small sample set, the results are heavily skewed to the old school delivery systems of blunts and joints.

It’s easy to see why many of you reach for the time tested simplicity of beautiful cannabis bud and the wrapper of your choice. As long as you can roll a great blunt and roll a killer joint, you’ll never be without your herbal lift.

Are Joints Efficient?

One of you who answered the poll is holding it down for the #vapefam. It’s very interesting to consider the skew of our results together with a recent article from Wax Liquidizer.

The article discusses the differences in efficiency between smoking joints and vaping weed.

Our one vaper in the poll might be objectively right!

favorite way to smoke

Photo Credit: WaxLiquidizer.com

Even though we’ve written about this before, we were genuinely surprised by the results! It turns out that joints aren’t an efficient way to use cannabis at all and this infographic really drives that home.

It’s important to remember that Wax Liquidizer makes a product that turns cannabis concentrates into THC infused e-liquid. That doesn’t mean their info is wrong. In fact, we verified it. It is something to keep in mind as you consume content, though.

Additionally, if you prefer a blunt to vaping, you do you boo. These stats don’t have to change how you smoke if you’re happy with the status quo.

At the same time it’s good to know that you have options and exactly what the effects are of the many ways to smoke.

Let’s Check Back In

We’ll offer another poll like this in a few months to see if factors like greater availability and education are changing people’s smoking choices.

You have to follow us on Twitter in order to cast your vote. Find us at @420PonyReviews and get in on the conversation.

If you think these results are crap, you know what they say: you can’t complain if you don’t vote! Your opinion counts and we’re asking for it.

We’ll see you next time.