Vaping Herb Cannabis

Vaping Herb Cannabis

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Vaping herb cannabis has many benefits. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the health issues associated with potentially harmful smoke like  carcinogens, tar, etc. can be avoided if the cannabis is only heated to the point where the desired cannabinoids are released without igniting the material. This is exactly how vaping works.

All vaporizing methods used to vape herb cannabis must have a heat source. This is the key to quality herb cannabis vaping.

The best temperature for vaping herb cannabis is right at 350f. The vaporization point for dry herb cannabis is 285f however this temperature is a bit low to unleash all of the cannabioids. Compare this with the temperature of a joint that burns at about 2000f.


By being able to control the temp for dry cannabis it allows for a smoother draw and a maximum release of cannabinoids. The ability to control and rehgulate the temperature for vaping herb cannabis is key when looking for a vaporizer.

Now that we know temperature is key let’s look at the options to creating the heat and controlling it. The 3 sources for vaporizing are:

  1. Convection
  2. Conduction
  3. Radiant / Infra-Red



This is the Cadillac of vaping. Hot air is passed over the herb and heated to its combustion point. The heat element never touched the herb. This type of vaping often features digital temp controllers. Some examples of quality vaporizers using 100% convection heating systems include the Herbalizer, VapeXhale EVO, and Arizer Extreme Q


Conduction is the most common way to ignite dry herb cannabis when using a portable vaporizer. This method puts the herb in direct contact with the heat source. The temperature can’t be controlled to the degree that convection heat can be but it is still a much lower temperature than smoking herb cannabis and much more efficient.

Radiant / Infra Red

This is pretty new technology and fairly rare in the world of vaping. Radiation / IR vaporizers use radiant energy that is produced by electricity or a light source for the heat source. The herb cannabis absorbs this energy, until it the temperature increases to a vaporization point. We did find one really cool portable vape system using this technology called the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Regardless of the heat system you decide on to vape herb cannabis and whether you prefer the table top or portable vaporizer one of the most important aspects to vaping herb in this form is to grind up the herbs. This will insure whatever heat method you choose it will work at maximum efficiency.

420 Pony wishes you happy herb cannabis vaping!