The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers Part 2: Cannabis Gift Guide

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers Part 2: Cannabis Gift Guide

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Part 1 of our gift guide for smokers gave some viable last minute gifts. The things you need when seeing your loved ones is imminent and you’re scrambling to look thoughtful. Don’t worry, we all drop the ball sometimes.

If you have a little more time to shop (all hail the New Years get togethers that buy us more time) here are some impressive finds that will really wow your friends and family.

Each of these options are handy or expressive and the 420 crew suggests only products we’ve used ourselves or want to try!

Cannabis Gift Guide: Poke A Bowl

Poke A Bowl may not look like much but it’s a must have for any chronic smoker. This ashtray features a spike you can tap your bowl out on. The ashes just fall into the tray at the bottom. It’s a pretty handy invention and also a conversation piece.

Cannabis Gift Guide: Nug Smasher

We are crushing so hard on the Nug Smasher and that pun is intended! This device comes in several sizes to handle the amount of nugs you want to smash. Just place your weed on the heated plates and drop the lever to get clean, pure rosin. Create your own dabs at home with this incredible machine.

Cannabis Gift Guide: Some Girls Get High Merch

The social media page Some Girls Get High (Instagram) really has a knack for coming up with catchy merch. These aren’t your typical stoner T-s. Pick from home decor, apparel, mugs and more. It’s high time that women take their place in the often male dominated cannabis niche and Some Girls Get High totally get it. Pick something up for the stoner women you love!

Cannabis Gift Guide: Kief Sifter

A kief sifter or box is a great gift for anyone who grows or smokes a lot of cannabis. Kief is one of the easiest concentrates to harvest and it’s totally pure. While a grinder with a kief catcher works fine, a sifter really maximizes the output.

Cannabis Gift Guide: Wax Liquidizer

Wax Liquidizer isn’t the only product available to turn your wax into vape juice, but its the best in our opinion. This product is easy to use, mixes fast, and works in any vape with a refillable cartridge. It’s everything you need to liquidize cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis Gift Guide: A Smell Proof Stash Bag

As cannabis lovers, we spend a lot of time trying to keep smells under wraps. You probably know someone who doesn’t do as good a job as they think they’re doing. This is the ideal gift for them. Help them get their act together with a backpack that locks and locks down the telltale marijuana scent.

Cannabis Gift Guide: Cannabutter Maker- Magical Butter 2e

Shopping for a friend who loves to make edibles? Magical Butter created a device that makes the process so easy. You’re sure to enjoy the fruits of your friend’s labor while they try it out and share their tasty experiments.

Check out the bundles to save a bit while you splurge.