The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers 2017 Part 1

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers 2017 Part 1

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Do you hear those sleigh bells jingling, ting ting tingling too? It’s lovely weather for some smoker friendly gifts! This holiday gift guide for smokers has some great last minute ideas as well as bigger gifts to wow the loved ones in your life who puff tough.

Because it’s important to be thoughtful on a budget, we’ve included a few affordable gifts as well as some luxury items.

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers: Last Minute Finds

Need something at the last minute for one of your cannabis loving friends? Here are some great ideas to save the day!

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers: Novelty Rolling Papers

Juicy Jays has a corner on the old school market of novelty papers. The candy cane or mint flavors are obvious holiday picks, but any flavor your loved one loves is fair game!

Drop a few in your stoner gift stocking or give a bundle on their own. These are awesome to keep on you during the holidays so you can drop a little cheer anywhere you go. Hostess/Host gift remix!

You can order them online but you will also find them in most smoke shops if you need a last minute token of your affection.

For even more unique rolling paper finds, check out this link from Mary Jane’s Diary.

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers: Subscription Boxes

There are a few cannabis related subscription boxes on the market and even more ready to drop. If you really dropped the ball on a gift, sign your loved one up for a box, get a great card and toss a photo of your gift in it. You’re off the hook since they ship on a schedule. You also get bonus points for giving a gift that brings monthly joy.

You’re welcome.

The products in the boxes range from pieces to papers to grinders and everything in between. Club M and 420 Goody Box are two great places to start your search.

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers: High Times Subscription

In today’s digital age it’s easy to forget that magazine subscriptions still make great gifts. For one, they’re old school and scarce. They also keep giving all year long each time a new issue rolls out. If you have a hipster stoner friend what could be better than High Times delivered to their door?

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers: A Stuffed Stoner Stocking

I have 100 percent used this tactic and it went over great. I grabbed a stocking. I tossed in my cousin’s favorite wraps, an eighth, a few novelty papers and a spoon pipe. We enjoyed unwrapping it (and wrapping one) together. Consider the following items to stuff your stoner stocking:

  • blunt wraps
  • grinder
  • novelty rolling papers
  • cannabis
  • small nug jars
  • small pipes
  • pipe cleaners
  • glass cleaner

Holiday Gift Guide For Smokers: Gifts To Wow, Stay Tuned

Got a bit more time to get your ish together and need something that’s more of a statement piece? 420 Pony’s got you!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s part 2 to this gift guide focused on holiday gifts that you can give after the 25th. These include things you have to hunt down, order, or arrange but can still slay your friends and fam.

Ho, ho, ponies. See you soon!