These High End Dab Rigs Are Glass Goals & The Perfect Stoner Gifts

These High End Dab Rigs Are Glass Goals & The Perfect Stoner Gifts

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High end dab rigs are something most of us can only dream of. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to window shop, though. Looking at awesome glass pieces is like appreciating fine art. This art also has a function, however. That’s the best of both worlds.

Take a quick stroll through the prettiest, most unique and all around incredible dab rigs the internet has to offer.

Dab Rigs #1: ME Glass x Blitzkriega – Balloon Giraffe Dog Rig

dab rigs giraffe

This rig is super unique so that makes it desirable to just about anyone. If there is a person in your life who loves giraffes, this could be the perfect gift. You’d best really love them, since it’s priced in the thousands of dollars! Find it at Aqualab Technologies.

Dab Rigs #2: Elbo- Rabbit Rig

dab rigs rabbit

This rig is certainly a character. It has a 14mm removable 2 hole diffy and all the personality you need in a ride or die friend. This little Elbow will see you through all your dabbing delights. He isn’t cheap, however, so save up your coin for this unbelievable set up.

Dab Rigs #3: Mountain Jam Glass Purple With Rainbow Wig Wag and Faceted Marble Dab Rig

dab rigs heady

Just to prove we can see beyond character rigs, here is a much more affordable but still impressive piece from Mountain Jam Glass. This is a heady piece perfect for your hippiest dab buddy. You’ll appreciate this piece even if you’ve never followed the Dead around thanks to its vibrant color scheme. It’s also a great size in case you need to dab, grab and go.

Dab Rigs #4: Heady Gremlin Dab Rig w/ Horn Accent

dab rigs gremlin

If you prefer something a bit spooky, ominous or dangerous looking, this gremlin dab rig could be perfect for you. It’s certainly unusual to come face to face with your rig and this piece shines for exactly that reason. We’re obsessed with the creepy little gremlin inside as well as the solid construction and compact size.

Dab Rigs #5: Cambria Crystal Bliss Freestyle Rig

dab rigs blue marble opal


Between the amazing color of this rig and the extra marbles it’s certainly a statement piece. Break this out at a party and you won’t be forgotten anytime soon. It’s a bit more refined in many ways than the pieces above but at the same time has an edgy feel. It’s also a bit more affordable than some of the others in the roundup.

Dab Rigs #6: Bob’s Burgers Rig

dab rigs bob's burgers

Back to characters again but who can resist this Bob’s Burgers rig!? The attention to detail and precise representation of the characters is awesome. Toss in that burger bucket and it’s hard to resist. It costs around $1,500.00, unfortunately. At least it’s easy to see that it’s worth paying for this kind of work of art.

Dab Rigs #7: Preston Hanna – Michael Jackson Thriller Rig

dab rigs jackson beaver

Always longed for a Michael Jackson Beaver rig? Maybe not, but you’re not likely to find anyone else with this either! This is definitely a conversation piece since you’ll have to explain where you found it and what the heck is going on with it.

We’re in love.