Everything You Need To Know About LED Grow Lights For Cannabis

Everything You Need To Know About LED Grow Lights For Cannabis

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LED lights are the new wave of energy efficient lighting and can kick your grow operation into high gear. In case you don’t follow international physics news, let me mention that the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics went to Isamu Akasaki for work on LED technology. It’s cutting edge and super efficient.

NASA uses them, for heaven sakes. Don’t you want to be like an astronaut?

You know you want some, but how do LED lights work and how do you choose the right setup for your grow room? There are a few factors to consider, and I’ll outline them for you simply. Then, you’ll know how to compare and contrast different types of LED lights and whether they’re a good choice for you.

Benefits to LED Grow Lights

LED lights take some of the risk out of growing cannabis and save money in the long run. There are no bulbs to replace, no ballast to fiddle with, and the lights don’t run hot. They’re plug and play, which is much easier for hobby growers.

Overall, your operation will be more efficient which is more money in your pocket. If you’re growing for personal use, it’s still a solid idea to keep your costs down and LED lights will make a big difference. You won’t need any extensive venting or duct system to protect your plant babies from grow light heat.

Basically, your closet just became a viable grow room.

Some growers even claim their buds are more potent since adopting an LED setup.

How to Choose The Best Grow Light

Here is a ‘quick and dirty’ list of considerations as you stand on the brink of kicking your grow room into the future:

  • Size of your grow area. Knowing the stats on your setup allows you to pick the number of lights you’ll need and which LED lights deliver the most bang for your buck. Placing lights adjacent to each other allows you to cover more space, so keep that in mind in your calculations. In small spaces, you can probably get up and running with a smaller initial investment.
  • Your growth cycle. Do you need lighting for the full growth cycle or just certain phases of it? For instance, a full spectrum LED grow light works well for all phases of plant growth. High Times suggests a mix of LED and HPS lighting to maximize results and efficiency.
  • LED lens angle. Pay attention to the angle of dispersion when choosing an LED grow light. Greater angles provide more coverage and lesser angels provide more focused, direct light.
  • What’s your budget? LED lights are a greater investment on the front end, but save money over time. It is probably worth it for you to shell out a little extra now for these low-maintenance lights. Some models are pricier than others, of course.

Why Full-spectrum LED For Grow Lights?

Let the sun shine in.

If you have a professional grow operation, you want a high yield of high quality product. Remember, however, that we’re talking about plants here, and plants naturally want light that mimics the sun. Full spectrum LED grow lights are finally powerful enough to compete with their massive fluorescent grandparents.

  • Full-spectrum LED grow lights promote higher yields.
  • They’re efficient and cost less to run.
  • Because LED lights run cool, you’ll save more energy and can pack up your fans.
  • Forget flicker and ballast- LED lights don’t need any of that.
  • LED lights have an insanely long run time. It’s likely they’ll hold up for 50,000 hours or longer.

Go Forth And Get Growing

If you think a switch to LED grow lights might be right for you, use this article to help research a few of the top models.

Happy growing!