EJMix Review vs Wax Liquidizer Review by 420 Pony

EJMix Review vs Wax Liquidizer Review by 420 Pony

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EJMix or Wax Liquidizer Our Review and Results

Our EJMix Review was done by at team of 420 Pony testers. Going up against EJMix was Wax Liquidizer. The 420 Pony truly Loves Life in the Mile High City. Great herbal concentrates can be found easily. From Shatter Day Saturday sales to Wax Wednesdays great deals on Budder abound! With all this Great Wax what is the best liquidizer to vape it with… So here is our EJMix Review vs. Wax Liquidizer

The Pony likes to get out on the town and what makes that trip an even better trip is having my vape loaded with my favorite strain for public consumption. That is where liquidizers have become an essential part of my 420 lifestyle, after all they make it easy for me to know how to vape wax the easy way.

The 2 liquidizers that are an absolute dream to use to make great e-juice without all the headaches of combustion that provides a great efficient vape juice that we reviewed are EJMix and Wax Liquidizer. EJMix was the first liquidizer we found out on the market followed by another product called Wax Liquidizer. We found both these products to have some great qualities in common.

  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable / Long Lasting
  • Efficient
  • Made with Quality Ingredients

Easy to Use
Both of the liquidizers required a very simple process to make THC ejuice. The EJMix Ratio and Wax Liquidizer are very similar. Rather than a thousand words check out this quick video done by the folks at Cannabis.net it shows you exactly how to liquidize wax.

Affordable / Long Lasting
Both liquidizers come out to roughly a dollar a batch to mix. The hits off our vape pens provided great results when used with the wax/shatter of our choice. Just over a dollar a batch to vape our faves in public with no worries of smell 🙂

EJMix and Wax Liquidizer were super fast and efficient to make and did not separate over time. None of the hassle of combustible or worries of burning down the house. Vaping wax is easy with a liquidizer.

Quality Ingredients
Both products use high quality ingredients and produced a great ejuice that did not separate and vaped well.

The Big Difference = TASTE

While both products cost about the same, mix the same and vape the same there was one huge difference. Wax Liquidizer had a superior taste and We found Wax Liquidizer a superior alternative to EJMix.

420 Pony Review Winner is Wax Liquidizer Banana OG! Make sure and check them out at: