Cannabis Home Delivery? Rethinking Box Shipments In A New Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Home Delivery? Rethinking Box Shipments In A New Cannabis Culture

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Weed delivery used to be a selling point for individual dealers who came to you. Today, cannabis home delivery is coming to the burgeoning box market. Can you order marijuana the same way you do groceries, craft beer, or beauty products?

420 Pony has the full rundown on cannabis home delivery as it exists right now and what the future holds. It’s a brave new world indeed, tokers. We must blaze on.

The Joy Of Box Shipments

Box shipments are convenient and fun. Who dislikes receiving a package full of things they like? Occasionally, box shipments are even affordable. For the most part, however, you pay a bit more for the goods because they are specially curated for you.

With grocery box shipments, you can often edit the contents before shipment. Most subscription services  also have questionnaires that you fill out so they can tailor products right to you.

The concept is big in the beauty market. Additionally, beer and wine subscription services have cropped up like Tavour. Shouldn’t cannabis be the next wave of mail order subscription boxes?

Cannabis Home Delivery


The website reads like a dream. A dream of a world where everything was convenient and cannabis appeared at your threshold as if delivered by magical fairies. Except, in this dream, you chose the strains yourself and everything is organic. The snag to magical PotBox is that you have to live in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

While most of us have to wait for access to a weed subscription box, we can at least have cannabis home delivery. At least, some of us can. Unfortunately, some of you are still left out.

West coasters and people in states who have legalized cannabis have some interesting options, however.


Great name, fun website, incredible service: SpeedWeed is the largest delivery service for medical marijuana in the state of California. They carry any kind of cannabis product you can think of and deliver to your door.

The selection is truly amazing and fun to look at even if it will inspire epic envy because it’s out of your reach.

Upcoming Developments In Cannabis Home Delivery

Viero Health is bringing cannabis home delivery to upstate New York as well. It isn’t live yet but it has gained a lot of media attention and the parent company is legit. It’s clear that big business sees cannabis delivery as a profit maker and that usually means the services are soon to follow.

Colorado is in the middle of processing proposed legislation allowing dispensaries to deliver cannabis to recreational users and medical patients. This comes after some scandal in July of 2016 involving Weed On Wheels who were pretty much doing it anyway even though it was illegal. It is perhaps thanks to their brave struggle that we stand on the cusp of legal delivery in Colorado.

We have to stay tuned for now on the outcome of Colorado cannabis home delivery legislation.

Find Cannabis Online

Weedmaps doesn’t offer home delivery, but they do act like a tour guide to your local word of pot. It’s like a GPS system that shows you where the dispensaries near you are. It can also show you doctors near you who prescribe medical marijuana and any delivery service near you.

Head over and let the system locate you. You might be surprised by what pops up!

Stick Around While You Smoke

Sadly, that’s the end of this foray into cannabis home delivery. It is exciting to see where we’re all going together.

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