This Brewery Dispensary Mash Up Is Your Dream 420 Travel Destination

This Brewery Dispensary Mash Up Is Your Dream 420 Travel Destination

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Washington residents are in for a treat as The Emerald Coast emerges as a dream 420 travel destination. In fact, this spot is so sweet, it’s worth traveling in for. If that weren’t enough, their story is awesome and inspiring. Listen up any budding cannabis entrepreneurs!

In the upper and lower levels of a building on Callow Avenue in Bremerton, Washington, two intrepid dreamers combine their love of cannabis and craft beer to create this incredible vacay spot.

What Is The Emerald Coast?

This entertainment destination is like a soft-core adult playground. Not soft-core porn, unless you mean the weed variety. While The Emerald Coast is the cannabis half of this superstar mash up, the brewery is called Bad Bulldogs. They’re slated to open later in 2017.

Both businesses are the brainchild of Dave and Dawn Dodge. The greenery will live upstairs while the lower level of the same building is home to the brewery and tap room. There are technically two separate addresses for legal reasons. It’s one stop shopping for a good heady time, however.

A Cannabis Complex

The Dodges aren’t stopping there. They also run a cannabis clothing and accessories store in a separate nook of the building. That’s called Emerald Coast Plus. It’s the perfect souvenir shop to remember your awesome 420 travel destination.

Get a little puff puff pass on and then wash it down with a tasty brew before outfitting yourself in Emerald Coast finery. So fresh and so cool. Also high af.

A Long Time Coming

Success is rarely born overnight, and the Dodges are no exception. After working on the project for two years, the couple plans to transform the remaining 2,000 square feet of their empire into a smoking lounge the likes of Amsterdam dreams.

The Emerald Coast venture originally began as a medical marijuana collective. After the state denied their operations license, the Dodges hopped onto a class action suit against the board of Liquor and Cannabis.

They prevailed, and with license secured finally opened shop.

Perseverance pays off!

What Can You Buy?

Bud, joints, oils, topical cannabis, and concentrates are all available at The Emerald Coast. The store is the seventh of its kind in the greater Bremerton Area and in fact shares the street with three more similar stops!

The shop regularly runs promotions like Shatterday and Thirsty Thursday. They also host games of chance for discounts and other pretty festive activities.

420 travel destination

Is this a bud and brew amusement park?

The Dodges have nothing but positive things to say to the press about the bustling cannabis culture in Washington, particularly on Callow Avenue. Go forth, ponies and run free.

Are You Ready To Book Your 420 Travel Destination In Washington State?

While you’re kicking back in Bremerton, check out some of the other local attractions. For instance, getting blasted and braving the bug museum is sure to be an unforgettable experience. The beautiful Elandan Gardens are also gorgeous. With your goofy green goggles on you’ll commune with nature.

If you swing through The Emerald Coast, tell them the 420 Pony sent you.

Disclaimer: The 420 Pony is in no way associated with The Emerald Coast and this is not a sponsored post. We just think you deserve a heads up on awesome stuff.