Beautiful Nug Jars: How Do You Save Your Stash?

Beautiful Nug Jars: How Do You Save Your Stash?

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Nug jars are a beautiful and functional part of stoner life. Like our pipes and bongs, nug jars express something about our personalities. They are conversation starters and works of art. Above all, however, they’re convenient spots to put your stash. Because they keep the cannabis out of sight, you can invite strangers in without sweating it out. Plus, who doesn’t like a tidy house right?

Today we’re writing an ode to the beautiful nug jar. You could use this as a gift guide if you want, because we’re including links so you can shop any of the featured glass we’re talking about in the post. We know it’s hard to just window shop.

Either way let’s get to looking at some sick glass.

Nug Jars #1: Stash jar with airtight silicone seal Starry Night Mountain Scene; Etsy

nug jars 1

This Etsy find comes in a few varieties so you can choose a design that suits you. It has an earthy feel while being unisex. It also boasts a silicone seal to keep your stash nice and fresh. It won’t do much to disguise it, however, since the jar is clear. It’s made in the classic style of an apothecary jar.

Nug Jars #2: Buds Re-Writable Stash Jar; Cannaline

nug jars 2

While this jar isn’t the most beautiful at first glance, the functionality is amazing. Not only can you write the name of your current strain on the jar and erase it, but the construction of the jar is air tight. These containers are made specifically for cannabis and are not an afterthought.

Nug Jars #3: 5ML Silicone Concentrate Container; Kush Bottles

nug jars number 3

Again, dab containers aren’t quite as beautiful as decorative nug jars, but they are necessary if you’re dabbing. The silicone keeps wax from sticking to the container and this Kush Bottles version comes in several wild colors. At least you won’t be peeved if someone swipes it.

Nug Jars #4: Gratitude Glass Jars; Etsy

nug jars 4

These jars are more like nug jars of old. They’re whimsical and functional at the same time. They look a bit like something you’d find in an RPG or the land of the fae and that’s part of their appeal. These jars are unique works of art yet still affordable.

Nug Jars #5: Tokeball, Stash Jar; Etsy

nug jars 5

Know a Pokemon fan who likes to puff? This is literally perfect for them. Instead of a cute little pocket monster, they’ll find a trip to expanded consciousness inside.

Nug Jars #6: Blue lady stash Jar; Etsy

nug jars 6

Ok, so this one is a little weird but that’s what makes it so great. A true conversation piece, this stash jar will invite people to pick it up and comment. Just turn it away from me while we’re smoking, ok?

Nug Jars #7: Stash Jar – Mini Amphora; Etsy

nug jars 7

This is the cutest nug jar in the entire world and we’ve found it for you. Perfect for on the go tokes, it holds a couple of hits in style.

Nug Jars #8: A Creature Feature; Instagram

Another one of my creations#nugjar #stash jar#weed jar

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Just when you thought we’d seen the cutest stash jar, this one comes along. If character jars are your thing check out the creator!