A Sea Of Green: What Is The SOG Grow Technique For Cannabis?

A Sea Of Green: What Is The SOG Grow Technique For Cannabis?

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SCROG vs SOG: what is the SOG grow technique and how is it different from the SCROG method? It’s easy to understand why these two terms are confusing to many new cannabis growers. They sound pretty similar and even share a few common steps.

Understanding what the SOG grow technique is will help you make the best choice for your grow set up. It will also boost your general cannabis knowledge and like we always say- knowledge is power.

Let’s peer deeper into the Sea of Green together.

What Is The SOG Grow Technique For Cannabis

The main point behind the SOG grow technique is to start a small crop of plants instead of a few large plants and push early flowering. This method results in earlier harvests with bigger yields. You’re really maximizing your efforts with this type of cannabis growth set up.

The SOG grow technique and SCROG techniques are actually quite different. The main difference is that a screen is used with SCROG and there is no screen to fuss with in the Sea of Green (SOG). The SOG technique is focused around getting your young plants to start flowering as fast as you can.

How To Make A SOG Setup

Creating your Sea of Green is pretty simple. To start, you’ll need cannabis plants.

Choose plants that fit in your grow space. You’ll ultimately place your plants 1-2 square feet apart, so do a bit of math to estimate the number of seedlings or clones you need to get started. Remember they might not all make it so shoot a bit high in your numbers.

Start your plants and get them into your grow space. Get your seedlings or clones started and give them 24 hours of light to boost their growth. When they are about 10 to 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) tall it’s time to put them in your space. Leave one to two feet between each plant.

Force flowering with a 12 hour light cycle. This prompts your cannabis plants to get into the flowering spirit. This step sounds familiar if you already read our article on the SCROG technique.

Wait for a dense canopy of flowers to form before you prune your plants. When the buds emerge, snip off all of the lowest branches so the plant focuses growth at the top.

When you’re happy with your yield, harvest your beautiful buds.

Additional Tips To Master The SOG Grow Technique

The SOG grow technique is ideal for you if you prefer cannabis strains known for low profiles. Many Indica varieties grow lower in stature than Sativa strains.

Take some notes during your grow season so you can tweak the SOG grow technique to work best for you. For instance, some growers initiate flowering when their plants are 6″ tall and others prefer to wait.

Try growing more than one strain at a time with this technique!

Go Forth And Flower

If you’re ready to get your flower on, these additional resources may help.

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Enjoy your bouquet, grow masters.