5 WeedTubers You Should Follow

5 WeedTubers You Should Follow

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WeedTube, ya heard? Some have started to refer to the YouTube personalities who focus their content on cannabis as WeedTubers. These individuals feature all sorts of cannabis related information from product reviews to how-tos to storytimes. Many of them participate in the same content tags as mainstream YouTubers but with a slightly different spin. They’re informative, tons of fun to watch, and an important step in bringing cannabis use out of the dark and into the bright light of social media.

WeedTubers On YouTube

If you haven’t played around with YouTube much, you may not know that there are many subcultures and content avenues contained inside the platform. There are beauty YouTubers, toy channels, cooking channels, vegan content, and far more than we can list here. WeedTubers are merely a subset of people who use YouTube to broadcast and stream cannabis content. Under each video, there is a lively comments section which is a lot like a message board and blog comment section combined. Fans discuss the video they’ve just watched, trade tips and ideas, and even troll a little. Ok, some YouTube commenters troll A LOT, but if you wade through that there is great community to be found.

Here are five WeedTubers you need to subscribe to right now.

Best WeedTubers 1: Arend Richard

Arend is an absolute delight no matter what he does. One day, he’s toking up in a forest clad in only a fur coat. The next he is filming a demo on how to use awesome cannabis products. Another day you may find him telling hilarious story time segments. He is very informative but above all super entertaining and relatable and we love watching his channel.

Best WeedTubers 2: RuffHouse Studios

Ruffhouse Studios is super informative and clutch at step-by-step guides and how-tos. They also demo a lot of products and always appear honest and concientious about how they merge YouTube marketing with their convictions. Sure, some of the videos are sponsored but that’s how YouTubers and WeedTubers make their money. The important part as a viewer is finding people you trust to give you the straight dope whether they’re sponsored or not. RuffHouse is one of our go-to channels when we’re looking for cannabis info.


Best WeedTubers 3: StrainCentral

StrainCentral straddles the fence between entertaining and informative and rise ahead of the pack by being so darn likable. The info is solid, the topics are interesting, and this is a channel you can really dig into and consume regularly. You’ll start missing your daily dose if you fall off for too long. Click the subscribe button on this channel and all the other channels we are featuring to receive updates about each new video drop.

Josh’s opening segment here is everything.


Best WeedTubers 4: The Dab Spot

Danielle from The Dab Spot has an awesome mix of fun videos, reviews, and how-tos on her channel. She’s fun and relatable so it’s like hanging out with a friend and getting stoned. She also has the opportunity to try lots of incredible cannabis related products and we can live vicariously through her. Must watch.


Best WeedTubers 5: Haley 420 (HaleyIsSoarx)

Haley is crushing it with a whopping 769,295 subscribers and a mix of entertaining and informative cannabis content. Whether you want to kick back and enjoy a smoke with someone, internet style or whether you need info or a review on a product, Haley has you covered. Watch her smoke a $300 blunt here 😀